This pilot witnessed an object follow his aircraft, I had a chance to transcribe his story.

The pilot would have had either little or no control of his aircraft in the final moments of the flight, Flight Global’s operations and safety editor david learmount told sky news. But he added that although a witness has described the helicopter as dropping like a stone, there were indications that the pilot might have still had "some ability.

In the fast-growing world of unmanned aircraft, the K-MAX’s success is a significant step. That’s because it was based on a manned civilian cargo helicopter that had proved itself for years as.

In Real Life, an ace is technically a pilot with five or more kills.This is harder than it sounds; even in conflicts like World War II, where aerial combat occurred on a vast scale, the average fighter pilot had zero confirmed kills from the day he got his wings to the day he bought his farm.The term is most commonly associated with aircraft pilots, but other types, such as tank aces, also exist.

Page 6 of 9 – UAP – are they real? – posted in General Observing and Astronomy: Ball lighting can last for several minutes. When we were kids my grandmother told us a story of how, during a thunderstorm, a ball of light skipped through her kitchen and took out her stove. The skip marks were still visible on her wood floors.

Colorado teen Joshua Jones known as mother whereas subduing college shooter – Top Style Today Colorado Teen Fatally Stabs 2 Young Siblings Because He Wanted to Be Alone, Police Say. The suspect’s siblings, 5-year-old Sophia Murphy and 7-year-old Noah Murphy, suffered stab wounds to their necks and were later pronounced dead. A 19-year-old suspect, identified as Malik Vincent Murphy, was arrested and charged with two counts.

Twain, in an 1870 story called “Science and Luck,” tells the story of a dozen men on trial for running a. “chance” jurors sent word into court to borrow money from their friends.. Indeed, the civil law systems of Europe have, following the Roman.. The plaintiff's evidence assembles the locations and objects and then .

Coyote Pup Season In Chicago Means The Urban Predators Are Out And About. Here’s How To Avoid Hurting Them (And Yourself) Coyote attacks on people are extremely rare but pets may be an easy target. coyotes are opportunistic predators and will take advantage of any available food source. In urban environments, rodents are of particular importance but carrion, insects, fruits, deer and other small animals are on the menu.

John Lear suspects that Venus does not have the sulfuric acid atmosphere with an 800.. the auto-pilot from the flight management system – turn the airplane, push the.. In the days following the disclosure of the "hijackers" names and faces, an Air Force Major had witnessed his abduction by a "disk shaped" object at.

"After watching the object for about 10 seconds, the observer turned to pick up his binoculars, but when he returned to his original position the object was gone," the article said.

Judge finds ‘fraud’ in sale of Broadmoor Bluffs home in landslide zone | Colorado Springs News John R. (Jay) Ashcroft is Missouri’s 40th Secretary of State, elected in November 2016. In each year of elected statewide office, he has visited every one of Missouri’s 114 counties and met with local election officials, library executives and business owners to promote the Office’s services and learn how he can help improve elections and support Missouri libraries and businesses.

His squadron leader later visited his ‘widow’ saying there was no hope: he and others had seen his Hurricane spiral into the ground and burst into flames, and the pilot had been unable to use.