The coming storm for financial transparency

 · The coming pension and unfunded government liabilities storm is so big that many of us simply can’t get out of the way, at least not without great difficulty. This holds true not just for the U.

Kevin A. Hassett, Director of Economic Policy Studies, American Enterprise Institute, and coauthor of Dow 36,000. The Coming Generational Storm is one of the most important (and refreshingly irreverent) policy analyses of recent years. Laurence Kotlikoff and Scott Burns ask what will happen to our economy and way of life when the baby boomers meet the current Medicare and Social Security systems.

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As is the case during economic crashes, the middle class will almost certainly be hurt the worst. Sound a little too apocalyptic? The fact is, it doesn’t matter what we may think: The storm is coming. Setting aside the billowing thunderclouds of economic evidence, the Bible says this "mega-storm"-type scenario is just around the corner.

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The coming storm – five market trends driving healthcare costs higher. With the passing of historic ACA legislation in 2010, waves of change (mostly positive) rippled through the industry. Overall medical spending inflation turned down, averaging about 4% per year, and health investment exploded.

Economic conditions. the perfect storm for TSLA stock. Net result? The shares have sunk more than 40% this year. It now trades at its lowest levels in nearly three years. But, there’s reason to.

A December 2018 report released by Price Waterhouse Cooper’s (PwC) Health Research Institute forecasted price transparency as one of the top 12 driving forces in healthcare in the coming year, and this prediction has proven to be quite accurate. While transparency in prescription drug costs appears to be on the horizon at the federal level, more and more states are enacting price transparency legislation for general healthcare and care-related procedures.

In almost every industry you can think of, blockchain is poised to cut out middlemen, dramatically improve transparency, and multiply the. will be exponentially more secure and efficient. For.

These materials, which cover fifteen years from the company’s founding in 2001, were recently obtained by Distributed Denial.

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