Mahou San Miguel and Founders Buy 40% Stake of Avery Brewing

This especially holds true for beer, where the price gaps commanded by premium fare tend to be modest on a dollar basis: While a six-pack of a craft offering may be priced 40% above. Founders.

Avery Brewing has announced an expanded partnership mahou san miguel. The Madrid, Spain brewing company now has a 70% stake in Avery. In November 2017 Mahou took a minority stake in Avery after brewery founder adam avery and his father had been searching for the right strategic partner.

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Mahou San Miguel promotes its internationalization with the acquisition of 30% of the shares of the American company Avery Brewing, one of the craft brewers with the most recent growth in the United States and a great potential for development, according to the Spanish firm in a press release.

We are honored to announce that Mahou San Miguel (Mahou), Spain’s most prominent and oldest brewer, will be our new partner. Mahou is a 125-year-old seventh-generation-family-owned brewery based in Madrid, and they are coming on as a minority investor in Founders. Mahou will help us grow to be an internationally recognized brand.

Avery Brewing Co Uncle Jacobs Stout Mahou San Miguel has bought a 30% stake in Colorado-based craft brewer Avery Brewing as part of its ongoing strategy to position itself as the leading Spanish producer in the craft beer sector.

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Announced today, Mahou, along with Founders, will purchase a 40 percent stake in Avery Brewing for an undisclosed sum.

Mahou San Miguel is a 100% Spanish-owned family-run company and Spain’s leading brewing company with a production quota of 34%. It has eight beer production centres, seven in Spain and one in India, three water springs with their associated bottling plants, and a.

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