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Although radical prostatectomy (rp) offers excellent long-term cancer control, one in three patients experience a prostate-specific antigen (PSA) recurrence within 10 years. 1-4 Many patients have an indolent course with a median time from recurrence to prostate cancer death of 16 years. 5 However, prostate cancer patients today are often younger 6 and have an extended natural life expectancy.

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It’s the lowest dose you can take and my symptoms are not as severe. No more sob, but I do feel some slight weakness in my legs when I climb stairs. Nothing as bad as when I was on the other statins though. I have been on Livalo now for about three months, I am scheduled to get my bloodwork done the end of January and see my cardiologist early.

Unlike Mr Pearson, we haven’t worked in the Street and don’t have real-life experience of looking at a horse. 2.06% p = 0.0003), which was not found in placebo controls.” Prostate cancer incidence.

The percentage of high-grade cancers reported varied between studies (3.6-35.0 %), as did the proportion of advanced stage cancers (3.5-64.5 %). The case-only survival analysis was based on 15,491 men, because 5,357 of the 20,848 men with prostate cancer did not have age at entry or exit in the dataset.

My humble advice to any prostate cancer patients is the following: Dont go for a psa test if you dont have any symptoms of prostate cancer Make very sure that a higher psa value is not because of prostatitis.Antibiotics do not always cure prostatitis.The treatment must be for at least 10 days. Make sure that you get hold of your biopsy report.

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