A Documentary About A River In New Zealand That Is Classified As A Person Under The Law

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The main physical area of New Zealand, on the other hand, consists of two main.. Australia is an island continent that was home to aboriginal people who have. The largest river in Australia is the Darling-Murray River system that starts in the.. Despite modern Australia having been settled by the British, Australian law .

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This means that the river is afforded all the rights as a person under New Zealand law. The river’s rights to clean air, legal representation, and other protections people get are now granted to the river itself. This will protect not just the river, it also represents a change in how NZ thinks about the law.

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Photograph: Alamy Two Rwandans who were let into Australia under a secret US aslyum deal could have been rejected under Australia’s strict and vigorously enforced character test, a migration law.

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The Whanganui River in New Zealand will now enjoy the same legal rights as a human being. From The Guardian:. The local Mori tribe of Whanganui in the North Island has fought for the recognition of their river – the third-largest in New Zealand – as an ancestor for 140 years.

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For my first, we flew in from New Zealand to our base. It makes me worry the permafrost will melt under our house and it will slide into the river; some of the banks are already eroding around us.

The Whanganui River, seen here, is now a person under New Zealand law. AlexIndigo/Flickr , CC BY-ND When a river is a person: from Ecuador to New Zealand, nature gets its day in court